Are there restrictions to the kinds of events I can host in the Museum, or restrictions regarding location?

The Museum does not permit most political activities, religious ceremonies, fundraising events for other institutions, commercial activities (such as selling books or CDs), or events/performances intended to be advertised to the general public.

Events with food can only be hosted in the following spaces:

• Sculpture Hall

• Grigg Gallery (with some restrictions)

• East Building Lobby

• Museum Restaurant

• Education Center

• Auditorium Lobby (no food or drink allowed in the Auditorium, itself)


What type of decoration restrictions does the Museum have?

Decorations must not endanger artwork, necessitate the removal of artwork, or affect its appearance in any way. Fog machines, pyrotechnics, birdseed, rice, candles and helium balloons are not permitted in the Museum or on Museum grounds. Plans for lighting, décor, and any special installation of equipment, including floral arrangements, centerpieces, and visual displays, must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event and are subject to Museum approval.


Can we use images from the collection on our invitations or printed materials?

The use of images from the collection must be approved by the Marketing and Audience Development Department prior to design and printing. If an image from the collection is used, a list of guidelines will be provided. If the client refers to the Museum or its collections in any printed materials, the contents of all printed materials related to an event, including invitation copy, programs, promotional material, and press releases must be submitted in advance for approval.


Are we allowed to bring in a caterer?

No, catering is handled exclusively by our onsite catering company.


Is there a catering minimum?

Yes, most spaces in the Museum have a specific catering minimum. If the requirement for a space is not met, the difference will be charged in additional space rental. Taxes and gratuity do not apply.


Can the Museum provide gifts or favors to our guests?

The Museum Shop can arrange purchase of gifts or favors for event guests, and may also be kept open for special events at an additional fee. Any gifts or favors not purchased at the Museum must be unwrapped and available for inspection by security. Gift bags are best for accommodating this requirement.


Are there special guidelines for photography in the Museum?

Yes, there are:

• Flash Photography is permitted in Sculpture Hall, Taylor Hall & Panorama.

• Tripods are not permitted.

• Photography of works of art on loan or of art objects in the Main Exhibition Galleries — even for personal use — is not permitted.

• Photography, sketching, and videotaping of the collection are allowed for personal use only.

• Reproduction rights for works of art in the collection must be requested by submitting an application form and required fee.

• Hired photographers or camera crews must obtain permission from the Media Relations Office to conduct any onsite photo or video shoots.


What about audiovisual equipment?

The Museum does have a variety of audiovisual equipment available for rental for events. The Museum Events Department can discuss with you what is available, the current rental fees, and any additional personnel required for such equipment.


What kind of deposit is needed to hold our space?

Fees and deposits vary from space to space. The deposit indicated on the booking agreement form is due with the signed agreement in order to confirm the booking of the space. Until both are received, the booking is considered tentative.