Programs for grades 1–5

Inspired by Nature—Grades 1–3
Explore the dynamic connections between art and nature on a journey through the galleries, and discover why nature continues to be an enduring source of inspiration for various artists and cultures.

Arts in the Basic Curriculum (ABC) Program—Grades 4–5
Investigate the Museum's collection through this exciting multi-visit program that engages students in close observation, critical thinking, and creative ways to respond to works of art across cultures and time periods. Each ABC student receives their own sketchbook to record their responses through a range of writing and drawing activities.

Registration for the 2014-2015 ABC Program is closed. Contact schoolprograms@slam.org to be placed on the waitlist.

St. Louis Public School 5th Grade Explorers
Fifth grade classes in St. Louis Public Schools are invited to participate in a special single-visit, 90 minute gallery experience utilizing the collection areas and galleries of their choosing. Students will receive a sketchbook and pencil to partake in writing and drawing activities during this visit, initiating interdisciplinary explorations of various regions, time periods, and media. Registration is ongoing; email schoolprograms@slam.org for more information.

Programs for grades 6–12

A World of Difference:Concepts of Beauty and Bias—Grades 6–12
Help your students understand their biases. Through a partnership with the Anti-Defamation League’s A World of Difference Institute, this program invites students to consider how perceptions of beauty and identity vary across time and cultures and empowers students with tools to identify, understand, and counteract negative bias in real world situations.

For more information on the A World of Difference: Concepts of Beauty and Bias program please email schoolprograms@slam.org.

Exploring with the Artist—Grades 9–12
Introduce your students to a real world experience. Each year, a nationally renowned contemporary artist is selected to spend a day with students thinking about and creating art. This program is an extraordinary opportunity for students to think critically about both theory and practice in contemporary art.

High School Art Project
Treat your best students to a creative day at the Museum. We invite small teams of high school art students to immerse themselves in the galleries, closely examining focused areas in the collection and working directly with a local artist or educator on a collaborative, hands-on art project.