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2019 Florist Application

The Museum is now accepting applications from professional florists and garden club members to create Art in Bloom's dazzling floral arrangements. Applications are due by the end of the day Monday, December 17.

People’s Choice: Best in Show
Staff Choice: Second Place

Susan Schoedel, AIFD, CFD
Freelance Floral Designer

People’s Choice: Third Place

Anne Rabbitt, AIFD, CFD
Thorn Studio, LLC

Judge's Choice: Second Place
Staff Choice: Third Place

Sara Ward

Judge's Choice: Honorable Mention

Cecilia Barnett
Boone Country Garden Club

Caleres Choice Award

Melinda Roeleveld
Les Bouquets

People’s Choice: Second Place
Staff Choice: Best in Show

People’s Choice: Honorable Mention
Judge's Choice: Best in Show

Barb Wehking
Bloomin' Buckets


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