New Media Series — Marco Brambilla: Evolution (Megaplex)
January 10—March 30, 2014
Gallery 301

Artist and filmmaker Marco Brambilla creates enthralling video installations inspired by iconic characters and scenes from cinematic history. Working with both static images taken from films as well as moving clips, Brambilla (born 1960) edits and loops them together to create an entirely new composition, which he describes as "video-collage."

Evolution (Megaplex), a fantastical scrolling landscape, features a multitude of figures–for example, Greek armies, American soldiers, Japanese sumo wrestlers, astronauts and aliens–all drawn from more than 150 Hollywood movies and accompanied by composer Sergei Prokofiev's "Dance of the Knights" from his 1935 ballet Romeo and Juliet. The second of an ambitious film trilogy, Evolution (Megaplex) addresses humankind's proclivity for warfare. Collapsing the passages of time, the video reveals how civilization has "evolved" over centuries of battle and strife.

Marco Brambilla: Evolution (Megaplex) is curated by Tricia Y. Paik, associate curator of modern and contemporary art.