The Weight of Things: Photographs by Paul Strand and Emmet Gowin
November 8, 2013—February 16, 2014
Galleries 234 and 235

The black and white photographs of Americans Paul Strand (1890-1976) and Emmet Gowin (b. 1941) are marked by elegance and visual power.  This exhibition presents overviews of careers in which Strand and Gowin pursued and expanded the expressive possibilities of portraiture, landscape, and still life. This exhibition in two adjacent galleries will highlight 70 prints spanning a hundred years, including rare works of exceptional quality acquired by the Museum from Strand’s archive in 1978.

Preferring the rural to the urban, these photographers revel in details of the familiar and imbue the commonplace with a poetic sensibility. Strand and Gowin also emphasize the physicality of their photographs, which are crafted through specialized materials and elaborate processes in the darkroom. The exhibition title refers to their mutual efforts to evoke the weight and forcefulness of the natural world in their dense prints.

The Weight of Things: Photographs by Paul Strand and Emmet Gowin is curated by Eric Lutz, associate curator of prints, drawings and photographs, and is on view in galleries 234 and 235 from November 8 through February 16, 2014.
"Taken together, the photographs provide rewarding visions of the past and new ways of considering the everyday, in a well-considered exhibition that's unlikely to be repeated."
- Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post Dispatch

"Eric Lutz and his curating team make a marvelous pairing with these two masters of photography. Together, Strand and Gowin's combined work lays out a history of the 20th century."
- Sarah Hermes Griesbach, St. Louis Beacon

"Such sensitive exploration of relatedness and wonder makes this exhibit an especially timely and appreciated offering for family and friends during the holidays – and invites all to slow down ... and enjoy!"
- Dickson Beall, West End Word