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Dear Friends,

We have all experienced a seemingly unrelenting cascade of terrible news and images in recent days, weeks, and months. As we reflect on this sad moment, we are reminded that art museums play an important role as places of refuge and solace, as well as of inspiration. It is difficult to serve these roles when our doors are closed, and we are consequently gratified to share with you the welcome news that the Mayor and her staff earlier this week approved the Museum’s proposed reopening protocols.

We will reopen our doors to the public on Tuesday, June 16. The Museum to which we return will be both familiar and different, but one thing that will not change is the concrete actions the Museum has taken in recent years to rectify some of the prejudices and omissions of the past. We have worked to increase the presence of artists and visitors from underrepresented backgrounds in our collections and in our galleries, a commitment that has led to transformative acquisitions, compelling exhibitions, and programming that the St. Louis community has come to anticipate and embrace. This commitment will continue to shape our actions in the years to come.

The phrase “Dedicated to Art and Free to All” is engraved in stone above the Museum’s main door. It has greeted every visitor to the Museum for well over a century. If we do our jobs well, it will continue to welcome everyone seeking refuge, solace, and inspiration for generations come.


Brent R. Benjamin
The Barbara B. Taylor Director
Saint Louis Art Museum

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