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Celebrate the birthday of Amen-nestawy-nakht at home!

Are you ready to throw your own party? Celebrate the birthday of our favorite mummy at home!

Take a virtual tour of our Egyptian galleries, create your own protective scarab, bake ancient honey cakes, watch Amen-nestawy-nakht get a CT scan, and draw your own birthday party scene inspired by works in our collection.

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Take a virtual tour of our Egyptian galleries

Hear Lisa Çakmak, associate curator of ancient art, talk about what makes our Egyptian galleries so special.

Create your own protective scarab and share it with your neighbors

You have probably seen this iconic beetle before. The Egyptians featured this beetle in artwork, sculptures, and jewelry. In some cases, they were used as protective charms or small figurines. Now is your chance to make your own scarab with items around your home.

Bake ancient honey cakes

Like modern birthday parties, desserts were fixtures during celebrations and festivals in ancient Egypt. Sweet bread, raisin bread, sweetmeats, and honey cakes were often served. Since refined sugar was not available, Egyptians relied on honey, and sometimes dates, to make their sweet treats. Try making your own ancient honey cakes with this recipe.

Watch Amen-nestawy-nakht get a CT scan

Washington University School of Medicine teamed up with the Saint Louis Art Museum and the university’s Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum to scan some very unusual patients: three Egyptian mummies. A CT scan allows doctors to see inside your body. It uses a combination of X-rays and a computer to create pictures of your organs, bones, and other tissues. Play this video to see how the mummies' scans turned out!

Draw your own birthday party scene

Even though we are not celebrating at the Museum, you can use works from our collection to throw Amen-nestawy-nakht the perfect party. First, find a piece of paper and gather your favorite drawing tools. Now search the works of art below for all the elements needed to host a birthday party, then use them as inspiration to draw your own perfect party!

Browse these images for the following items:
  • Something to wear
  • A dessert to eat
  • Tableware for your party
  • Some healthy snacks for the food table
  • This inflatable party decoration
  • The perfect party activity
  • Something for everyone to dance to
  • Guests playing your favorite game
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