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The See For Yourself Student Gallery is designed to exhibit sculpture by students ages 6-18, and to serve as a showcase for student achievement in the arts. We encourage classes to visit the Saint Louis Art Museum and Laumeier Sculpture Park and to use the suggestions in the Teacherís Guide of this web site to plan art lessons before and after the visit. Digital photos of student work can be sent to this site.

Depending upon the volume of submissions we receive and time needed for the moderating process, work submitted may not appear on the site for several weeks. Teachers will be notified by e-mail when work has been entered in a gallery.

Please read and follow the instructions for submission below:

1. Fill out the online sign-up application OR LOG IN if you already have an account.

2. Print the consent forms, one for each student submission. Please keep a copy of the form, signed by a parent or guardian, for each student whose work is submitted.

3. Select the work of no more than 10 students to submit to the Student Gallery. Each digital photo must be accompanied by the name of the sculpture, the name of the student artist, school, grade level, and a brief description of the work written by the student artist.  This information must be submitted online together with the digital image of the work.

4. Digital submissions: Digital images may be uploaded online and may be in the following formats:

*jpeg (extensions: .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe)
*gif (extension: .gif)

Please limit file sizes to 40KB each. This translates to approximately 320 by 240 pixels. Uploads larger than this will be rejected.

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