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Permelia Redmon Wheeler (1816-1881)

Lucinda Redmon Orear, American, 1823–1852
Oil on canvas
Made in
Troy, Missouri, Midwest, United States, North and Central America
Current Location
On View, Gallery 337
35 x 27 in. (88.9 x 68.6 cm)
framed: 42 1/2 x 34 in. (108 x 86.4 cm)
Credit Line
Gift of Sydney M. Shoenberg Sr.
Public Domain
Object Number
Permelia Wheeler gestures gracefully to the rose pinned to her bodice; its color echoed in her book. The palette of pinks and blues along with the elegant patterns and curves establish a unified, delicate tone throughout the portrait. Permelia's sister, Lucinda, created both this picture and a companion portrait of Permelia’s husband, Charles Wheeler . Permelia and Lucinda's family moved from Kentucky to St. Charles, Missouri, where they owned land next to Linden Wood School for Girls, now Lindenwood University. The Wheeler portraits reveal typical signs of a self taught artist, such as inconsistencies in anatomy, perspective, and shading. Nevertheless, their refined charm and competence suggest Lucinda may have developed her natural ability through study at the nearby school, which offered art instruction—a rare opportunity for a woman at that time. Permelia's grandson donated both portraits to the Museum.
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