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Interior of St. Peter’s, Rome

Giovanni Paolo Panini, Italian, 1691–1765
Oil on canvas
Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
Current Location
On View, Gallery 202
57 3/8 x 89 7/8 in. (145.7 x 228.3 cm)
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The vastness of the nave of St. Peter's is the true subject of this painting. Intended as a keepsake from the original owner's visit to Rome, the picture accurately records the appearance of the great Roman basilica. The artist has, however, manipulated one detail. He has moved the papal coat of arms in the ceiling one section (or bay) farther into the fictive space of the picture, thus emphasizing the size and grandeur of the building.
- 1829
Lord Gwydir, Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire, England

1829/05/08 - 1945
Joseph Neeld, Grittleton House, Wilshire, England, purchased at the sale of the Gywdir collection at Christie's, London, May 8, 1829, lot no. 85; Captain L. W. Neeld (d.1856), Grittleton House, Wilshire, England, by inheritance; Neeld family, by inheritance [1]

1945/07/13 -
Rosenberg Collection, purchased at the sale of the Neeld collection, Christie's, London, July 13, 1945, lot no. 21 [2]

- 1946
Cosmos Art, Inc., New York, NY, USA

1946 -
Saint Louis Art Museum, purchased from Cosmos Art, Inc. [3]

[1] According to an annotated copy of the 1829 Christie's sales catalogue, the name Bone is handwritten in the margin as the purchaser [SLAM document files]. In the Getty Provenance Index, Henry Bone is listed in the same reference as Joseph Neeld. A similar reference is made by the Agnew Gallery in which a painting titled "Vortigen and Rowena" by William Hamilton (1750-1801) was also bought by Henry Bone for Joseph Neeld in April of 1830 and inherited by Captain L.W. Neeld. It is highly probable that Henry Bone was the purchaser for Joseph Neeld at the time of the 1829 sale []. In 1854 the collection was in the collection of a Mr. Neeld [Waagen, W. "Treasures in Great Britain." Vol. II. London: Jim Murray, 1854, p. 254].

[2] In an annotated copy of the Christie's sales catalogue for July 13, 1945, "Rosenberg" is handwritten next to the entry as the purchaser [SLAM document files].

[3] Minutes of the Administrative Board of Control of the City Art Museum, February 7, 1946.
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