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This exhibition occurred in the past. The archival exhibition summary below describes the exhibition as it was conceived while on view.

In his multimedia practice, Berlin-based artist Oliver Laric responds to the internet as a mass medium with deep and wide cultural reach, exploring how images have been created, circulated, and repeated both in our time and across history. In the latest installment of the New Media Series, the Museum presents Untitled, 2014-2015, a video work that examines the art of animation and transformation.

Laric identified clips throughout the history of animated film, from Disney to anime, that depict characters in the process of physical transformation. The artist sequenced these images to morph into each other, creating an entirely new animation of constantly evolving figures. As with Laric’s other work, this video responds to the revolution in image production and dissemination brought about by the internet.

New Media Series is devoted to showcasing film and video as an integral part of contemporary art practice. Currents 116: Oliver Laric, an exhibition of recent works by the artist, will be on view concurrently in Galleries 249 and 250. This exhibition is curated by Hannah Klemm, assistant curator of modern and contemporary art, with Molly Moog, research assistant.


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