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Learn, explore, create and grow as you discover new ways of interacting with art during the Museum’s program for its youngest visitors, with time for storytelling, looking at art, and art making.

Make Your Mark

Express your creativity and make art in your own way inspired by innovative modern artists.

Saint Louis Art Museum, 2020

Georges Pierre Seurat, French, 1859–1891; Port-en-Bessin: The Outer Harbor (Low Tide), 1888; oil on canvas; 21 3/8 x 26 1/4 inches; Saint Louis Art Museum, Museum Purchase 4:1934

Wassily Kandinsky, Russian, 1866–1944; Murnau with Locomotive, 1911; oil on canvas; 37 3/4 x 41 1/8 inches; Saint Louis Art Museum, Bequest of Morton D. May by exchange 142:1986

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