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We hope you enjoy your visit to the Saint Louis Art Museum, and we encourage you to take photos to record and share your experience. During your visit, you may be photographed or video-recorded for educational and promotional purposes. Please review the following policy information before your visit so that you have an enjoyable experience and the works of art are protected.

People We Photograph or Record

Please be aware, when you enter the Saint Louis Art Museum (Museum) or attend a Museum event, you will be entering an area where photography, video, and audio recording may occur. A person entering the Museum or attending a Museum event who does not wish to have their image or audio recorded for distribution should make their wishes known in advance to the photographer/videographer and/or contact the Museum at One Fine Arts Drive, Forest Park, St. Louis, MO 63110, in writing of his/her intentions and include a photograph. The Museum will use the photo for identification purposes only and will hold it in confidence.

By entering the Museum or participating in a Museum event, and by failing to notify Museum, in writing, of your desire to not have your image or audio used by the Museum as provided above, you (on behalf of yourself and any minors under your care):

  • grant the Museum and its assigns, licensees, successors in interest, affiliates and other such persons, firms, or entities as may be acting on behalf of the Museum (collectively, the “Museum Affiliates”), the irrevocable, perpetual, fully paid up, royalty-free, worldwide right to, in connection with the Museum and Museum Affiliates’ marketing, advertising, public recognition and promotion of the Museum:
    • use any picture, portrait, likeness, voice or recording of you and any minors under your care (your “Likeness(es)”);
    • use any and all materials obtained by the Museum, Museum Affiliates or their agents in connection with my and any minors under my care’s visit to the Museum (your “Museum-Captured Materials”); and
    • copy, publicly display, distribute, modify and prepare derivative works with your Likeness(es) and Museum-Captured Materials in any and all print, digital and video formats and any and all other media, now known or hereafter developed, including without limitation marketing materials, advertisements, tradeshow banners, films, DVDs, videotapes, audiotapes, digital video files, digital image files, photographs, prints, copies, and facsimiles without limitation as to time or method of reproduction or exhibit, including via the Internet, in any way and for any purpose that is related to the marketing, advertising, public recognition and promotion of the St. Louis Art Museum;
  • waive all rights you or any minors under your care may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with the Museum’s and/or Museum Affiliates’ us of your Likeness(es) and/or Museum-Captured Materials;
  • waive any right to review or approve any use of your Likeness(es) and/or Museum-Captured Materials, and agree that all media or other materials created by the Museum and/or Museum Affiliates with your Likeness(es) and/or Museum-Captured Materials are the property of the Museum and Museum Affiliates, including (without limitation) any copyrights or rights of publicity therein;
  • acknowledge that whether your Likeness(es) and/or Museum-Captured Materials are actually featured, displayed, used or published is a decision solely within the discretion of the Museum and/or Museum Affiliates; and
  • irrevocably release and discharge the Museum and Museum Affiliates from any and all claims arising out of or relating to the use of your Likeness(es) and/or Museum-Captured Materials and the rights granted under this Policy. You (on behalf of yourself and any minors under your care) agree that this release shall be construed broadly to provide a release in favor of the Museum and Museum Affiliates to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law.

Visitor Photography

  • Personal photos and video recordings generally are permitted in the galleries and at Museum events. Flash photography, monopods, tripods, and selfie-sticks are not permitted.
  • Photography and video recording may be restricted near some works of art on temporary loan or during some lectures and performances. Those restrictions will be indicated, but feel free to ask a member of the Museum staff if you are not sure if photography is allowed.
  • The Museum does not permit interior photography or video recording that may be disruptive to other visitors, including professional portraits or posed photos for proms, graduations, engagements, or weddings. The Museum permits portrait photography outdoors in publicly accessible areas, as long as that photography does not block entrances, disrupt visitors, or risk harm to works of art.
  • Visitors may not sell photographs or video recordings made at the Museum. Photographs and recordings made by visitors may not be used to promote a product or service.
  • Some works of art in the Museum’s collection are protected by copyright. You are responsible for determining and obtaining any rights you may need related to your use of the work directly from the copyright owner.  By generally granting permission to photograph in the galleries, the Museum is not providing any permission to publish images of copyrighted works for commercial purposes and for any other purpose that would require the permission of the copyright owner.

Commercial Photography

  • Commercial photography and video recording is prohibited without the permission of the Museum. This includes any photography and video recording intended to promote a product, service, company, or cause. To request permission, contact Please refer to the Camera Crew Policy for details.
  • You are responsible for determining and obtaining any rights you may need related to your commercial use of the work directly from the copyright owner

News Media

  • As a public institution, the Museum is committed to making its operations accessible to the press. To protect the safety and security of the Museum’s visitors and its collection, we ask that members of the media wishing to photograph or record video inside the Museum contact the Press Office.

These rules are subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of the Saint Louis Art Museum. By visiting the Museum, you agree to be bound by these terms.


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