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Learn, explore, create and grow as you discover new ways of interacting with art during the Museum’s program for its youngest visitors, with time for storytelling, looking at art, and art making.


Marvel at works of art that transform spaces then create your own mural to transform a space in your home or community.

Next Stop, the Future!

Imagine your future with surrealist inspired works of art then create your own dream-like collage using materials found at home.


Experience lines in various forms through unique works of art then create your own painting with lines in mind.

Composition of Red and White: Nom 1/Composition No. 4 with red and blue

Creatures of Flight

Investigate mythical birds in flight through ancient art, then create your own sculpture of an imaginary creature that flies.

All About Me

Celebrate you while engaging with varying self-portraits of artists then create your own unique self-portrait.

Music and Rhythm

Experience music and rhythm through art and then create your own instrument using materials found at home.


Contemplate peace and harmony in unique objects from the collection and then create your own paper chain to spread messages of peace in your community.

My Senses

Engage your senses through contemporary mixed media art and then create your own texture collage using repurposed materials from home.

Travel the World

Travel to near and faraway places through art, then create a travel notebook to record observations from your journeys.


Investigate animals in art from around the globe and then create your own animal sculpture at home using materials found in your kitchen.


Explore ideas of community in American art and then create a sign to share messages with your own community.

Ordinary and Extraordinary

Examine the extraordinary in ordinary objects then create your own work of art using objects from home.


Discover patterns and shapes in mesmerizing works of art and then create your own weaving using materials found at home.

Imagine That!

Exercise your imagination by diving into contemporary art and then create your own imaginative sculptures at home.

Light and Dark

Discover works of art inspired by light and darkness, and create your own shadow puppet theater using materials from home.

I See, You See

Examine familiar things from different perspectives then compose and capture your own still life at home.

Big and Small

Marvel at the details found in big and small artworks and then make your own mosaic using materials found at home.


Learn about unique objects from around the world and create a handmade card to share with someone special.


Explore the natural element of water through magnificent landscapes from across the globe and create your own art using materials found at home.


Admire artistic friendships and your own while creating a diorama scene of a favorite memory.

The Milliners, Edgar Degas


Experience a rainbow of colors through contemporary art then create your own colorful masterpiece using materials found at home.

Our World

Discover details from nature in artful objects from around the world and right outside your door.

Me and My Feelings

Explore your feelings through storytelling, portraits, and the creation of your own puppets.

Homes and Neighborhoods

Discover the many possibilities of the places people call home, including American artists, and then create your own.

Make Your Mark

Express your creativity and make art in your own way inspired by innovative modern artists.

Port-en-Bessin: The Outer Harbor (Low Tide)
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