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For more information on joining one or more of the Collectors Circles, please call 314.655.5390 or email

Friends of African American Art

Friends of African American Art (FAAA) is for those who wish to expand their awareness of African American art of the past and present. This collaborative group is devoted to advancing the presence and profile of African American art within the Museum and in the community by educating a new generation of art connoisseurs. In-depth seminars, private receptions, and guided tours will give you up close and personal experiences with curators, scholars, artists, and collectors.

FAAA is advised by Melissa Wolfe, Curator of American Art; and Renée Brummell Franklin, Director of Audience Development.

FAAA Events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check back soon.

Friends of American Art and Design

Friends of American Art and Design (FAAD) is for Members interested in refining their understanding of the arts of America. This discerning group seeks to develop appreciation of a wide range of American Art, from painting and sculpture to the decorative arts and architecture. Programs include visits to private collections and galleries, architectural tours, lectures by scholars and other experts from around the country, and behind-the-scenes tours and events hosted by the Museum’s curators.

FAAD is advised by David Conradsen, Grace L. Brumbaugh and Richard E. Brumbaugh Curator of Decorative Arts & Design; and Melissa Wolfe, Curator of American Art.

FAAD Events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check back soon.

Contemporary Art Society

Contemporary Art Society (CAS) is for those who are concerned with cultivating their knowledge of contemporary art as well as for those who already have a highly-honed understanding of it. This dynamic group facilitates an appreciation by exploring current trends in the art world as well as their ongoing impact on the history of art. Programs range from private lectures and receptions with curators, artists and scholars, to off-site visits at other arts institutions and private collections.

CAS is advised by Hannah Klemm, Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art. 
For the 2018–2019 season, CAS is sponsored by Christie’s.          

Friends of Photography

Friends of Photography (FOP) is for those who value the history and art of photography. This dedicated group strives to enhance knowledge of the medium and promotes an appreciation of the collection and display of photographs. Programs range from private exhibition tours and scholarly lectures, to artist presentations and collection visits.

FOP is advised by Eric Lutz, Associate Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs.

FOP Events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check back soon.
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